Rajay Pai, Founder and CEO of  Desi-fitness.com LLC is an ACE certified Personal Trainer. He is certified from the American Council on Exercise, one of the most prestigious fitness certification bodies in the US. ACE personal Trainers are sought after in the US and worldwide. He has CPR certification from the American Heart Institute and is a member of NASM.

But far more important than the certifications and technical knowledge he has in the field of fitness is the fact that Rajay extracts a lot of joy and satisfaction from motivating people and helping them succeed in their fitness goals. It is that desire and love for helping people get fitter and healthier in their lives is what inspired him to start desi-fitness.com. Rajay also realized that there needed to be an exercise and fitness resource for the millions of Desis(Indians) in the US, UK, Canada, India and all around the world wherever they may be..

Rajay has been working out for the past 15 yrs and over these years has gained tremendous knowledge in the areas of muscle-building, muscle-toning, strength-training, fat-loss, flexibility-training and various sports related training programs. He has successfully trained several clients and friends over the past 10 years. Please see the testimonials section to see what some of his clients and friends have to say about Rajay.

Rajay has a Brown Belt in Karate from the prestigious Budokai Institute of Karate (based in Japan) with its unique style of full contact Karate. Rajay was a champion athlete while attending school in Bombay, India and has a long history with sports and fitness.

Rajay's philosophy on Fitness, Workout and Personal Training:

I believe in leading a healthy, full life and would like to help others do so as well. Giving your body the proper exercise and nutrition it needs will pay huge dividends in the future. A healthy body usually harbors a healthy mind, hence it is very important to workout as it will help in keeping a positive attitude in life and maintain a sound mental balance.

A positive attitude and the desire to improve is all it needs to be successful in any field that you apply your minds to. That certainly holds true in the field of workout and fitness. I remember when I first started learning Karate, we used to have a huge "Budokai" poster in our exercise hall which had a fist made on it with the words "Nothing is Impossible" written below it. I shall never forget that, I try and live my life around that principle and that's exactly what I tell my clients. Nothing is Impossible!!. If you want it badly you can get it. All you need is a good plan to get you there. That's where I come in.

As your personal trainer I will help you achieve your fitness goals. Nothing gives a personal trainer more joy than to see their clients reach their goals. I draw great joy and satisfaction from my clients success and I hope each and everyone of you reach your goals. I will make sure that there is no confusion in your minds about your workout program. Since I strongly believe in the fact that accountability leads to greater discipline and motivation, I will make sure that you stay motivated by virtue of using several principles of accountability in your workout tracking. Last but not the least, as your personal trainer, I will ensure that your workouts are enjoyable, efficient and more importantly lead to improved health and lifestyle.