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Welcome to desi-fitness.com, the most comprehensive exercise and fitness resource for millions of Indians worldwide.


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Over 300 exercises in Exercise Library, Detailed Pictures, Video & instructions. Over 100 predefined workouts and over 20 predefined routines for Gym/Home workout, easy to use calendar-based workout tracker, track body Stats and caloric data, plot performance graphs for measuring progress, printable versions to take to the gym,
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At "Desi-Fitness.com" we have come up with a revolutionary and inexpensive method to deliver personalized exercise and workout related training to our clients with the use of “Online Personal training”. Get rid of the confusion from your workout program and take advantage of the Body Responsive Training(BRT) based workout programs CUSTOM designed for each and every client. All fitness programs are developed and tracked using the revolutionary "Desi-Fitness Tracker" tool. For DEMO of the tool click HERE.

" Asian Indians are fast becoming one of the unhealthiest populations in the world, largely due to the complete absence of exercise in their daily lifestyle, unhealthy diet and nutrition and a genetic disposition which leaves us much more likely to contract Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) compared to other races. "

- Regular strength training and cardio is best way to fight Coronary Artery Disease- Online personal training at less than $17 per month- Personalized workout development and Tracking at desi-fitness.com - Desi-Fitness Tracker Tool COMING in Dec 2003 - Track your body stats, body weight, diet and calorie intake using Desi-Fitness Tracker Tool- Home Workout Development at desi-fitness.com- One Year Basic membership for just $29!!!

Desi-fitness.com will show you how to put together an exercise program which will work for YOU.!!

The Desi-Fitness.com Exercise Library, available thru the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool has a vast repository of exercise and stretching routines for the entire body. Our database includes exercises for Strength Training, Stretching, Body Building, Cardio and Fat Loss. Basic members of Desi-Fitness.com have access to the entire exercise repository which has videos and pictures categorized by muscle groups, home-based workouts, gym-based workouts, muscle-building workouts, muscle-toning and conditioning workouts, fat loss workouts and more..

The Desi-Fitness Tracker tool and all workout packages delivered at desi-fitness.com are developed by our ACE certified Personal Trainer.