At we believe, that high quality personal training can be delivered to the client through the use of its online resources and the Desi-Fitness Tracker Tool. But we are aware that some clients might need or want the coaching delivered thru 1-on-1 personal training.

Hence we also provide 1/1 personal
training sessions. At this time

personal training sessions can be held only
in Portland Oregon.

1/1 training sessions will
be held at the "Fitness Stop" Gym in Beaverton.
For 1/1 personal training sessions please call
(503) 617 6617 for appointment.


Rates for One-on-One Personal Training:

No Of Sessions Training Cost Cost Per Session
1 $45 $45
2 $90 $45
4 $180 $45
6 $224 $44
8 $352 $44
10 $430 $43
12 $516 $43
16 $688 $43
18 $756 $42
24 $1008 $42
48 $1920 $40

Group Personal Training:

If you have a group of upto 5 people who would like to train together for 1/1 sessions in the Portland Area, Group Personal Training is also available. Group Personal Training rates are lower than 1/1 personal training rates. Please contact us at for details on the group training program or call Ritu at (503) 617 6617 for details.

Corporate Fitness and Exercise Training Programs:

A fit employ is a more productive employee. So if you are a Corporation/Company looking to deliver fitness training to your employees, is working on a corporate fitness and exercise program. Online training sessions will be provided for your employees. This program is currently under development. For details on this program please contact