Online Personal Training is revolutionizing the relationship between the client and the Personal Trainer.

  • An Online Personal Trainer is an experienced fitness professional who will help you work towards achieving your own personal fitness goals.

  • With a Online Personal Trainer, your progress will be both faster, and safer.

  • Your Online Personal trainer can guide you to measurable results at your own best pace, so that you achieve consistent progression towards those goals. Exercise programs are based on Rajay's own techniques of

  • Body Responsive Training (BRT) and
  • Overloading and periodization

    Online Personal Training is an excellent way to receive personal training at much lesser cost than conventional personal training. At we have built a tool called Desi-Fitness Tracker which allows us to develop and track your workout programs effectively and easily. This is what you will get with online personal training at
  • Unlimited access to Exercise library with exercise pictures and videos for every muscle group of the body

  • Detailed instructions for every exercise in the exercise library.

  • Detailed workout/routine development using the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool.

  • Detailed workout tracking in the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool.

  • Body Stats and Calorie Intake tracking in the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool.

  • Create Performance Graphs for Body Stats or Calorie Intake to tweak your own workout program or consult with trainer.

  • Unlimited support from your personal trainer for the duration of the desi-fitness.cpom personal training program. (Premium membership required)

  • Regular motivational e-mail support from your personal trainer. (Premium Membership required)

  • Regular program assessment and design by your personal trainer based on your Body's response to the training program. All programs based on the principles of BRT (Body Responsive Training. (Premium Membership required)

Why Hire an Online Presonal Trainer

You get more and it costs less!!

You pay less money for a full year of online personal trainer than just 6 sessions of 1/1 Personal training at your local gym (1/1 means with a real trainer), and more importantly you get much much more!! (details provided below)

Unlimited Access to the desi fitness personal trainer

-You get unlimited access to your personal trainer for the duration of the personal training program. You are not bound by the number of sessions you enroll for like in the gym, you can communicate daily if you like with your trainer and will receive detailed clarification of your workout routine and motivation for your development.

Train on your time

You train when you are ready and not bound by appointments at your local gym.

Worldwide access to your workout

You take your personal trainer with you anywhere you go ( just like celebrities do J ) You can access your workout and your personal trainer when you are on vacation anywhere in the world OR traveling on business OR when you move your place of residence. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.

Continuous fine-tuning of your workout

Your online trainer reacts to data all the time, independent of you pointing out your experience with the regimen. Your workout will be tweaked to make it optimum for you and you alone. We know that all of us are built differently.

24 Hr access to desi fitness workout Data base

You get 24/7 access to desi fitness exclusive workout database which includes videos, pictures and detailed instructions for over 300 different exercise and stretching routines.. At the gym the trainer only shows you a few times how to do a certain exercise. Usually by the next time you come to the gym it is difficult to remember all the instructions that were given. With online training info you have unlimited access to videos and pictures. You can see them as many times as you need and print out the pictures and exercise information to take to the gym.

Complete healthy lifestyle tracking system

Desi Fitness not only tracks your workout program but also tracks nutrition and body composition and body stats in the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool. This database can be accessed and updated from anywhere in the world as long as you have a PC and internet connection. Gym trainer does not provide this level of tracking.

Full confidentiality and private training

Since confidentiality is fully maintained, online training with desi fitness provides a great opportunity for private 1/1 communication and discussion with your personal trainer regarding your fitness goals and any issues that prevent you from meeting them. These kinds of discussions are difficult to have in a crowded gym atmosphere with a real trainer.

Extensive exercise and workout database access

You have access to an extensive repository of exercises, videos and detailed instructions. There are atleast 25 exercises for each muscle group in the desi fitness database. Your workout program will use each of these exercises to build your program. Due to limited number of sessions with your gym trainer it might not be possible to cover all exercises for each muscle group in the allotted number of sessions. Exercise programs are based on Rajay's own techniques of Body Responsive Training (BRT). Since each one of us is built differently, our body structures are different and so is our composition. Hence a pre-designed workout program that you find at most of the other online personal training sites is bound to fail, no matter how qualified and experienced the trainer is. At every exercise routine and package is designed around Rajay's principles of BRT. Each workout is specifically designed for a client with their current fitness levels and goals in mind. At the same time, your workout and progress is tracked using the Desi-Fitness Tracker fitness tool for continuous tracking and tuning. .

BRT (Body Responsive Training)

Body Responsive Training is the method of training where the training program is finely tuned based on the responsiveness of the client. Once a client's progress saturates with a certain workout program, the program will be changed based on BRT. This will ensure that muscles are stimulated and not over utilized (in a muscle building or general exercise program) or that the body is as efficient as possible in reducing fat (in a fat loss program). Inability to stimulate muscles or over-utilization is what leads to mediocre results. BRT leads to automatic application of various existing and popular principles of workout and training in the areas of fat loss, muscle building and body conditioning, i.e.. periodization and overloading. It has been found that the human body reacts well to a workout program, which goes through periods of variable intensity training. Also our muscles react best to the workout based on the overloading principle.

Overloading and Periodization:

Overloading is a term often used in the areas of muscle and strength building. Research has proven that our muscles grow only when they are exposed to gradual increase in resistance. The intensity of work done by the muscles needs to be increased gradually for the muscles to grow in size and strength. Exposing the muscles to the same levels of intensity for prolonged periods of time will only build endurance in the muscle and make them leaner (more defined). Overloading is the process of increasing the intensity of the workout gradually over a period of time until the muscles get to a plateau mode. Once the muscles plateau, you go through a periodization phase where the routine or intensity is changed for a few weeks and then the overloading cycle starts again, hoping to reach a higher plateau this time around. Obviously, our bodies are genetically dispositioned to grow at a certain rate and up to a certain point. Desi-fitness will help take you to that point safely and strategically. Desi personal trainers will also motivate you to stick with your routines, hold you accountable and track your progress using the Desi-Fitness Tracker tool.